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Asbestos encapsulation can ease health concerns

As experienced asbestos encapsulation contractors, Reddish Vale can also provide a safe and efficient alternative to asbestos removal.

Unfortunately, asbestos enjoyed sensational popularity in its early years. Ubiquitous in the building trade, the material found uses in everything from thermal lagging to the insulation of structural beams. Compare that, therefore, to its current ignoble reputation, ranked as the UK’s single biggest cause of work-related death by the Health & Safety Executive, underlined by the shocking statistic of over 4000 deaths each year.

Proven to cause cancers, and incredibly damaging to human health, this wonder material is now a pariah in the building and construction trade. As we have seen across this website, there is now a legal compulsion on building owners to check for, and manage, any asbestos found on site. However, removal is not the only recourse and as we shall now see, in some circumstances employing reputable asbestos encapsulation contractors might also be an appropriate option.

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Asbestos encapsulation versus removal

Removing asbestos can be a very serious undertaking, especially with larger industrial premises. Such procedures might necessitate, for instance, the evacuation of the site prior to any removal actually taking place.

In a commercial environment operating to a very tight logistical schedule, that level of interruption can very quickly create severe consequences for the business.

The Encapsulation Process

Basically, encapsulation refers to the sealing in of the material within a protective shell, a process that’s without the associated costs of asbestos removal.

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If the asbestos found in your building is in a relatively stable state, you may find that you only need to effect repairs and encapsulate the asbestos.  This may well prove more practical – and certainly more cost-effective – than the more intrusive process of removal. Further, in some cases – perhaps because of the condition of the building – it will, in any case, be physically impossible to remove all of the asbestos.  In such circumstances (for instance, where the building material is hard to access), encapsulation may actually prove a safer alternative, again set against the more destructive removal of the hazardous materials.

Once the asbestos has been identified, it is sprayed with a high performance resin.  This process effectively seals the asbestos in a time capsule, giving added protection from degradation.

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