Lead Removal

Survey, Management and Removal

Identification and Risk Assessments to Lead Exposure and Safe Removal from Site

Lead – a Health Risk

It is becoming more apparent, on construction sites throughout the UK, that exposure to lead-based paint is increasing through refurbishment and demolition works. Causing a health hazard to workers and tenants.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have changed their approach to Lead paint identification and exposure to it. They are clamping down on sites that are not identifying and risk assessing potential Lead exposure. Exposure to lead and lead-based paints can lead to some very serious health conditions and even, in some cases after prolonged high exposure, death.


Lead Identification

Our Lead services extend to the identification of lead content within your property and we will produce a comprehensive report to illustrate where Lead is present and any course of action needed to remove it. Reddish Vale inherently believe that the strict safe removal controls we undertake for asbestos removal are also adopted when removing lead-based paint from a site.

As such, we are uniquely capable in delivering comprehensive Survey and Removal Packages, where you can be safe in the knowledge that nobody on-site is being exposed to any Lead that has been identified..