Primrose Bank – Oldham

Project: Primrose Bank, Oldham

Value: £150k plus

Programme Duration: 12 weeks

07092010467Scope: We were approached by a leading land developer to assist them with a housing association development in Oldham. We were firstly contracted on this site to conduct the Demolition / refurbishment survey to the full site which includes for 110 two and three storey maisonettes built in the 1960’s which were being demolished as part of a Oldham regeneration housing scheme.

Various materials were identified during the survey being undertaken which required a licensable asbestos removal contractor to undertake the works. On completion of the survey we were asked by our client to provide them with a price and a comprehensive program to undertake the removal of all the asbestos containing materials identified. After working closely with our client we began our works a couple of weeks later. Over the 12 weeks we successfully conducted the safe removal of Asbestos Insulating Board fire breaks to each of the 110 properties, Asbestos cement products in various areas, Asbestos floor tiles and Asbestos Artex throughout. There were also other buildings within the package which had licensable asbestos materials to be removed at a later stage which we went back and successfully completed under a different client.

As this project was local to our head office, 100% of our site operatives were local from the Oldham area and we also employed two trainee operatives who were unemployed at the time and are now fully qualified and experienced for the removal of asbestos.