I can confidently without hesitation recommend Reddish Vale Insulations Limited as a reliable contractor who are outstanding in their areas of expertise. It has always been and I hope it will continue to be so in that future a pleasure to work with them.

Since my first dealings with Reddish Vale they have developed their business and invested in training to meet the demanding responsibilities of the industry in which they operate and support their site operations with an efficient well organised management and administration team.


We know with confidence that we will always get the positive and constructive support of Reddish Vale as a Company and from all of their individual Directors and Employees in equal measure irrespective of the value or the complexity of the individual projects.


I confirm that I have dealt with Reddish Vale Insulations Limited for over nine years, during which time I have found them to be most professional in all their dealings with me and all my Colleagues. Their attention to detail, commitment to Health & Safety, honesty and helpful assistance in all matters relating to their business and how it interfaces and complements our own activities is exceptional.


Reddish Vale have carried out work for me for 4 years. They are an excellent family business who pride themselves on providing best value for money solutions without compromising safety.
One of their main strengths is that they are very trustworthy and look after the interests of their clients. I aim to continue to contract Reddish Vale for work in the West of Scotland, as the local companies do not provide the same value for money that Reddish Vale do.

We have used the services of Reddish Vale on many projects and have found them to be very professional in their approach to carrying out, preparing and issuing their reports on various types of projects, ranging from refurbishment to full demolition. They are a company that is very approachable for advice if you find a project that may have asbestos issues. Their knowledge is second to none and we have recommended them to clients for surveys and asbestos removal work on many an occasion.