Reddish Vale Insulations has successfully obtained the Achilles Accreditation for the ninth consecutive year following a review by an external auditing body,

The Achilles Building Confidence service is a supplier accreditation service for the UK construction industry.  In short, Achilles makes doing business easier for everyone by creating a single process where buyers can find qualified partners, and suppliers can prove their credentials.

What it means to our customers?

Having an independent  Achilles accreditation really matters to our customers. Achilles are committed to delivering the very highest standards across the board. This means that Reddish Vale has been evaluated by a group of professionals from the construction sector looking to drive standards and promote industry best practice.

Achilles uses a single platform and questionnaire to streamline the supplier management process for all parties involved. Its registration, pre-qualification and risk management model is developed by buyers within specific industry sector communities, making it an effective way to manage suppliers. Rather than having to undertake a substantial amount of administration work to evaluate a supplier each time a contract is awarded, the Achilles membership shortcuts this process, saving our customers the time and cost involved.

Roy Tindall Managing Director of Reddish Vale commented “ Gaining and renewing accreditations demonstrates our commitment to consistently improve and build upon our high standards we set in undertaking all aspects of our work. From the site teams to management the process is a whole team effort and I am proud to have the team behind me in which I do”

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