Case Studies

Construction & Demolition

Municipal Building


Date Completed: April 2020

Project Duration: 15 weeks

The Municipal Building in Liverpool is a Grade II listed building steeped in Liverpool’s history as the main town council accommodation for over 150 years. It has been deemed “surplus” to use and is ear marked to be turned into a luxury hotel. We were asked by our client to provide a competitive asbestos removal and interior soft strip package for the building works in anticipation of the main works later in 2020.

Due to the Heritage nature of the building, our works had to be planned to take in consideration the restrictions on damage especially where items being removed interfaced with heritage items such as covings and architraves. We worked rigorously in planning and throughout the project to ensure all employees fully understood these requirements and that work methods were tailored to each items unique situation.

We also undertook licensed and none licensed asbestos removal within the basement of the building where asbestos insulation had been identified to numerous surfaces throughout. Our removal program had to tailor for areas which were still occupied by our client and to ensure that the soft strip works being undertaken in the basement were not hindered by the asbestos works

All works were undertaken within the agreed program

New Century House


Date Completed: Sept 2019

Project Duration: 8 weeks

New Century house is a large 14 storey office block with 3 basement levels within the heart of Manchester. We have been operating on the overall project for the past 3 years and were asked to complete the latest phase of works to the basement levels of the building. Extensive asbestos Insulation located throughout the basement plant rooms and link corridor.

Due to the location of the site and the restrictions imposed due to heritage condition of elements of the building, we developed a stringent removal package ensuring full compliance with the conditions set out by our client. Multi needle injection techniques were used to saturate the asbestos until large scale removal could be undertaken.

The works were completed on time with no delay caused to the further development of the site.

Former Baxi Potteron Site


Date Completed: Sept 2018

Project Duration: 18 weeks

We were asked by one of our clients to undertake removal of asbestos to a former industrial warehouse site due for demolition.

Extensive asbestos sprayed coating residue was present within the guttering system of the site and as such highly complicated and bespoke enclosures were designed and constructed utilising fixed scaffolding maximising the area to be worked in whilst ensuring sufficient air management of the works.

Undertaking abrasive blasting on the guttering inline with the regulations and air fed RPE for the removal teams we were able to fulfil the clients requirements

In order to ensure a timely completion of the works we were able to commit extensive resources and labour to the project to ensure the 19 large enclosures were undertaken on time to the program submitted to the client.

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Former Royal Mail Site

Copperas Hill


Date Completed: July 2018

Project Duration: 24 weeks 
(over 2 phases)

The building was a 5 storey large sorting office for the Royal Mail built in the 1960’s and asbestos had been used extensively throughout the construction including asbestos within the main ventilation ducting found to the ground level areas. The site was proposed to be transformed by John Moor University into a luxury £100m campus.

We were asked by our client to provide a comprehensive and safe removal program that would ensure speedy removal of all asbestos materials on site but ensure that due to the complications of where the asbestos was situated that the safety of our removal teams were not compromised. The works involved intense confined spaces, working at height, working external to the building in the summer months only a mile or so from the River Mersey and the high winds that accompany it.

We worked rigorously with the demolition contractor on site to ensure that programs were met and navigated the works with ease.

Hanover Building


Date Completed: Jan 2018

Project Duration: 24 weeks

We were asked to undertake an extensive Asbestos and Lead paint removal package as part of the larger regeneration of a 5 storey heritage listed former Office building in the centre of Manchester. Asbestos was found in various areas to the building even following a previous removal package undertaken the year before and Lead paint of significant levels and quantity where found throughout the building.

Due to the follow on works, we had to ensure that the lead paint to the structural steel beams were removed allowing for fireproofing to be installed. We innovatively undertook blasting of the steels under full negative pressure conditions as in asbestos removal and ensured the team were fully protective through the use of airline fed RPE.

The Program was put together to span over 6 month undertaking multiple floors at any one time whilst still allowing other trades to carry out work necessary to refurbish the building.

Legge Lane


Date Completed: Oct 2017

Project Duration: 12 weeks

Proposed demolition of an existing 1940 and 1950s built office block within the heart of Birmingham city centre. The site had been left dormant for many years and in poor state of condition and as such the asbestos material had been left to fall into poor state of repair.

The Asbestos in question was Sprayed coating (Limpet) to concrete ceilings and steel beams extensively throughout 3 of the floors of the building.

We were asked by our client to provide a comprehensive removal package which considered the poor state of the asbestos material and the need for through decontamination of the building.

Like all city centre projects, our job was made difficult due to the restrictions around the building for site equipment and set up so we maximised the space available inside and outside the building to ensure the correct equipment for the job was provided.

Undertaking abrasive blasting on the steel beams and concrete ceilings inline with the regulations and air fed RPE for the removal teams we were able to deliver a successful removal package within the allotted time.

Former Sonoco Site


Date Completed: Feb 2017

Project Duration: 6 weeks

The project was a multi storey industrial site which had been ear marked for redevelopment by Manchester City Council.

We undertook a fully intrusive Asbestos survey to the former industrial site identifying the extensive asbestos used in the sites construction. From this we were able to put together a cost effective and timely program for the safe asbestos found.

The asbestos consisted of both Licensed and none licensed products and working in conjunction with the Client, we were able to hand them a clean site on a phased program to allow them to demolish the buildings in sequence without holding up the overall program.